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Haunted Tours

The 6th Annual
Haunted Bridger Ghost Experience

It's not a Hunt. It's an Encounter.

Don't spend hours in the dark hoping to experience the paranomal.

Instead, walk alongside Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew and have the ghosts come to YOU!

Participants in these famed ghost experiences report being touched, hearing ghostly conversations, seeing glowing orbs, experiencing the emotionality of the ghosts present--all in a safe environment created by "America's #1 Psychic" (Ranker) Danielle Egnew (TRVL, Discovery+, ABC, NBC) and her angels, who invite ghosts to come and share their experiences. 

Even the frightening beings that may present themselves on this spooky night aren't allowed to follow anyone home. 

Experience the paranormal in a safe, fascinating, first-hand, and educational way, and learn that "ghosts" are just disembodied humans that are looking to communicate and share their stories.

Co-hosted by Elemental Guide Melissa Scianna, the Haunted Bridger Ghost Experience is rich in local Montana history. 

Complimentary hot cider and mulled wine are provided for participants who take this walking tour on a crisp October Montana evening. Read more about the event and choose from four 2022 walking tour times above. Tours are limited to 25 people, so get tickets before they sell out. (We are sorry, yet due to the limited occupancy, tour tickets are non-refundable.)

Folks wishing to stay the night in Bridger, MT may contact the Bridger Motel, at 406-662-3212.

Tour registration opening soon for October 2024!

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