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It all started around a campfire

Mystery Quest Productions was born out of many family excursions throughout the mystical and rugged secret places in the gorgeous and unique wilds of South Central Montana.

Danielle Egnew is a fourth-generation South Central Montana native. Melissa Scianna has lived with her family in Bridger, Montana for over 30 years. The family campfire hang-out under the stars is part of Montana culture, and with Danielle, Melissa, and their wives venturing into the beautiful and often undiscovered (unless you know) territories, the group happened upon phenomenal energetic, historic, and supernatural areas.

After posting images on social media of these exquisite places, both Danielle and Melissa received request after request for guided adventures through these tucked-away mystical Montana crevices, historical places, and wilds.

Whether it’s experiencing vortexes and ley lines, witnessing “ghost drawings” made on stone by Elemental beings 8,000 years ago, UAP’s in the sky and documented in pictographs, evidence of the Elemental “Little People” and their reverence for the land, caves and canyons, the Big Sky full of stars, natural crystals, spotting ghosts of settlers past, taking a cool dip in crystal clear blue springs from the mountains (not for the faint of heart!), or, just sitting with Danielle, Melissa, and their family around the fire, eating home-cooked cowboy-campfire meals as the logs crackle and spark and sharing stories deep into the night while Danielle might play her guitar—Mystery Quest Productions provides a place for anyone craving the simple life and the wonders of supernatural nature to be part of the Montana family for a weekend. Bring your sense of Adventure. We’ll see you at the campfire!   Now about your hosts, Melissa and Danielle--  


Educating and


Hey all! Danielle here! Most of you know me as the Psychic, Medium, and Angel Translator on TRVL, Discovery+, ABC, NBC and more. But before that, I'm was, and am, a Montanan. It's Big Sky Country, and our OffWorld friends love to swing by and say hello. Some of the most mystical experiences I can recall have been in my home state, and I look forward to sharing them with you. It's truly a magical place. (Read more about Danielle here!)

Danielle Egnew


Re-Connecting with


Hi! I’m Melissa. I have had the great fortune of living in and exploring south central Montana for the last 35 years. I love this state and the beauty, mystery, peace and gifts that it offers all of us. It’s my hope that once people can see and appreciate the spiritual and physical healing properties that this place offers, people will honor it and work to preserve it. (Read moe about Melissa here!)

Melissa Scianna


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