Present the Emotions!

If you are looking for an original gift – you are on the right place!

Give our friends or loved ones our certificate to enjoy the unforgettable adventure of Escape Games and City Quest.

The Gift Certificate is applicable to all games in the Mystery Quest network for one year from the date of purchase:

  • Escape game – max 6 players
  • City Quest – any number of players

The price of one certificate is 1490 CZK.
Do not hesitate and get your certificate today! How to do it?

There are 3 ways to get the certificate:

  1. ON-LINE: You can buy the Gift Certificate online. After the purchase, we will send you the Certificate by post within 48 hours.
  2. By ordering at (please email the mailing address). After receiving your email, we will send you instructions for payment by transfer to your account as soon as possible.
  3. Purchase on location in person: To buy certificate, you can come directly to Mystery Quest at Liliová 14, Prague 1.